The Beautiful International Model

We have helped to start the careers of many international agency-signed and freelance models.  Being a main contributor to their portfolio has helped to showcase our work on an international level.  We have shot with two international EDGE Agency models, Tiffany J. and Melissa Z. over the years, helping to define their portfolios.  

Laila S. was a previous EDGE Agency model, but made the choice to work through freelance gigs.  She has worked with companies such as ‘Better Made Blends,’ ‘Spexs by Ryan‘ & ‘Ten Tree‘ and worked with photographers in Europe and the other side of the world.

Laila S. has worked with us many many times.  From our recollection, we first shot Laila S. approximately seven years ago in 2010 as we, as a company and amateur photographer, began our journey building our career.

Seven years later and Laila S. continues to work closely with our company.  It does help that we have a personal relationship, however, she has helped us grow our portfolio and her’s with original and dynamic pieces of work.

District12 Photographics

Laila’s S. last contribution was shooting the cover with StandOUT Publications.  We were there directing and styling the photo shoot, but made some time to grab some of our own creative shots for our use.  We personally love working with Laila S. and she was the same, amazing and wonderful model at the cover shoot for StandOUT Publications in Cremona, Alta.

Stay tuned for more images as the issue will be released at the end of June.  At that time, we can post to our social media and networking websites.  But here, you get a little more of a sneak peak teaser.  Don’t tell, as this is for your eyes only. 😉

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