SOP Male Model Search

StandOUT Publications is currently looking for a male model to join their team on June 30, 2017 for another issue cover shoot.  This is another exciting opportunity for male models looking to update their portfolio or get some national attention for being published on a national magazine cover.

Check out the information we have provided to you below.  This is the brief casting notes.  For all information, please check out StandOUT Publications website and blogsphere or email the contact provided.

District12 Photographics

StandOUT Publications is currently seeking a male model that is able to join our team at a very exciting cover shoot to be shot at the end of June.  This is a wonderful opportunity for freelance models to further develop their portfolio and be on the cover of this exciting national publication.

StandOUT Publications is seeking an experienced male model to help create magic, along side another female model for our July release issue.  We are open to working with both freelance or agency-signed models, however, signed models must contact their agent with request.  This a non-paid opportunity, but StandOUT Publications does provide advertising opportunities to agencies who allow the company to utilize their models.

District12 Photographics

Are you the perfect candidate?  Please forward your information to  What are we looking for?  Please provide one to two polaroids of yourself.  Include a full and 3/4 body shot facing the lens.  Because the specifics of the shoot may require the male model to be shirtless, we need one of the polaroids to have you shirtless.

We love to support other local companies in the Calgary area.  Working in a local network allows us to make those connections that are otherwise too hard to connect ourselves.   StandOUT Publications is a magazine about inspiration.  Find out more on their website.  Maybe you or your company will be featured?  Or maybe you are a 150 StandOUT Canadian.