Home Sweet Home

We went back home for the last week.  Home back to Saskatchewan where the prairies go on for miles and the sunsets are something of a beauty and brilliance.  Growing up in Saskatchewan, I almost became immune to the idea of the sunset, that was something of normality.  Once you leave that beautiful province, you begin to understand that true and endless beauty of the province and miss seeing it on a daily basis.

District12 Photographics

However, when one settles in a new area to call home, they must learn to appreciate what was left behind, but forever long to be a part of it again or in the near future.  This was the reasoning for shooting at sunset just outside of my hometown in a flat field during sunset.  I haven’t experienced quite the brilliance that Mother Nature gives to Saskatchewan and I wanted to be able to capture it to help always remember it.

We worked with the beautiful Laila S. once again and like usual, both parties were not disappointed in the results.  Below are a couple preview images from our shoot.  Do you want more?  Check out our Facebook page to see Laila’s beautiful sunset series.  Or follow us on Instagram to stay-up-to-date with all that’s happening in our artistic world.

It was a great trip Saskatchewan, but we are happy to be home to provide our services to our fellow Calgarians and surrounding area.

I want to as well thank my cousins for the use of their property for some of the shots.  Their support is always warming and I’m glad I can showcase the nature that surrounds their land.