Release of Published Work

We promised you all last week that we will be releasing some imagery that we have not been previously been able to, as it was going to be published in StandOUT Publications latest issue that was released last Friday.

If one is looking for some amazing photography, writing and stories, get your print-on-demand copy if it or digitally subscribe to the multiple options that will be sent directly to your mail box.

However, today is the day were we can post our work.  Obviously, more of the shots can be viewed on our Facebook or Instagram page, but some can be seen on our updated fashion page.

These photos include the work with StandOUT Publications during last months cover photo shoot with the very beautiful Laila S. and our commercial work with Calgary’s Oak+Tonic.  We have already presented sneak peeks from each session, but today, we can showcase what we have been waiting for since last month.

District12 Photographics is still accepting new clients and bookings for the summer season.  Space is limited in July & August, so be sure to check out our session prices and contact us for your booking.