Creative Manager Perks

As most of my followers and clients know, I work closely with StandOut Publications (SOP).  SOP is a Calgary based magazine that shares the stories of ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things from coast to coast.  And as the creative manager, I have the task and job to organize, plan and direct our monthly photos shoots.

I love working on the concept of the shoot, finding locals and models and assisting with final styling, hair and make up decisions.  But the very best part, I get to multi-task at the shoot with my role and with my camera.  

Although I am directing the shoot, I still have time to take out my camera and shoot some candid shots during the session.  I say candid, as SOP has two staff photographers that are responsible for the cover shoot.  I would love to shoot the cover too, but the creative team would consist of three people… I gotta share some times.

But that is the enjoyment of it… I get to direct, but I also get to build my portfolio and work with the models we have scheduled for the day.  My images may be published in the next issue, but until than, I cannot tease you with too many.

To see more than the teasers, you will have to wait until SOP releases the next issue at the end of the month.  You can order it here for some amazing photography, art, story telling and positive vibes.  Or, wait until I can post more on my social media and websites.  You can find me on Instagram and Facebook.  Until then, check out the previews below.

District12 Photographics
District12 Photographics