Art is Art is Art

Later last week, I was scrolling through my social media and I came across a group of photographers discussing an artistic subject.  So, I thought to myself, “Why not take a gander on what is up?”

I almost wish I hadn’t.  It was quite interesting to see what this group of artisans were… well, complaining and bitching about.  It took every thing in my power not to get into the conversation and defend on what they were really demonizing other artists about.

The whole discussion based on:  Photographers that don’t adjust their lighting to an equal metering.  And I thought, what was there to discuss?

Well, this group of artists (Photographers) thought they had a the right to proclaim the right technique in metering and the rules that need be followed in the realm.  If you ask me, to stay within the guidelines and rules of any type of art, limits the creative mind in experimentation and success.  Does one not think that to be original, you must take the rules into your own hands and make up the technique?

District12 Photographics

Above are three examples of the same image in different metering.  The photographers complained that ‘amateur’ or ‘try-hard’ photographers keep under lighting their work and it’s ‘terrible’.  Who says that?  Who decides that?  Whether lit to the ‘standard’ or under or over exposed, the artist has a vision and they made the decision to photograph the image & composition.  It was done for a reason and needs to be ‘judged’ in that way – not what you, her, him or Joe Blow would do.  It’s called preference.

This whole social media attack really just reminded me of bullying.  It’s almost being part of a particular sexual community (straight, gay, transgender, etc etc) and being negative and judgemental of a person doing something just a bit different than normal.  Or, such as, Christians believe in love, no judgement and we were all created out of God in the eye of Him. However, many are the most judgemental, homophobic and racist people, going totally against what the Lord teaches.

This really just fumed me and had to vent.  Just remember, art is art is art.  Our eyes are the subjective window to reality.  The world isn’t black and white.  Think nice, play nice and be nice; no matter the environment.