Let’s Create Magic

It’s been a while since we have done any creatives and we are itching to shoot some edgy portraits in studio.  We have been doing a lot of outdoor portraits for clients.  On top of that, by now, you all know I work closely with StandOut Magazine as the creative director, and many of my fun concepts are staged for that.


So, why not; let’s shoot some fun creatives in studio.  There is no concept, nor theme, just a set of lighting and shooting techniques that we want to practice.  However, if you have a great idea, want to bring on  your own creative team and we just shoot – we are in.

We plan on running this until closer to Christmas, so you have time to work with us.  We aren’t looking for any particular look, gender or style – we just want to shoot some fun creatives.  We will just need to see your face first, so we know what we are going to shoot.

Interested?  Contact us here or by messaging us on Facebook.  Let’s get down to business.