Photo of the Week: StandOut

We don’t always have things to blog about, announcements to make, sales to promote or new teasers to post, but we still want to keep you all engaged.  Therefore, I have started ‘Photo of the Week’.  Photo of the week can anything as old or as new as it wants.  But it needs a story.  A story that none or most of you know about the photograph.  It can simply be a behind-the-scenes secret, to a mess up to something special.  We just thought why not bring some reality and life to our work.

This week, this photo is a stand out winner for me simply because the whole story of this image.  Here its is:

District12 Photographics

Ever hear of the small Calgarian publication, StandOut Magazine? Whether you have or not, the above photograph came of a day that was pretty straight forward and was suppose to come with one job… model.

Yes, one may call me a triple threat, but no, I’m not.  I’m what they call versatile.  Anyways,  at the time, I was basically a freelance contributor to the publication.  I was asked to model for the next cover of the issue.  I graduated from SAIT with an honours diploma in PhotoJournalism.  Obviously, this is why I freelanced with the magazine but they knew I photographed, too.

The morning of the shoot, I got an urgent text that I bring my camera equipment to the shoot and be prepared to model & photograph.  There was a medical emergency with the cover photographer.  But how was I to photograph and model at the same time?  Ah, the shoot director at the time.  I’d set the camera, ask to shoot wide (zoomed out) and press the shutter.  I’d take care of the composition, fixes and editing in post-production.

District12 Photographics

When I wasn’t in the the frame, I took the three other models and shoot them individually.  I got some killer images, too.  The hardest part was deciding how to edit them as a one photo sessions from one set of eyes.  But as I said previously, I could take care of that in post-production.  

It was a great shoot.  We got some killer images.  I got some new portfolio work.  I got a lot of new experience that day.  I think this is why I posted this shot.  I was not expecting to have to jump into action and shoot some fun images.  Maybe these images were not what I expected to be shot if the other photographer was in attendance, but it gave me a chance to put my creative touch to the shots.  And I think this why I chose this as the Photo of the Week.

At least we can say hello, today. Cheers