Getter Done’

When I was back home in Saskatchewan for our family Christmas, I was contacted by a Calgary client.  We’d just finished getting her photos printed, framed and delivered for her and already another request.

Her adult grand children were down for a few days prior to the holiday season.  Emergency photo session needed! So, out we went to photograph another group of gorgeous people.  Let me tell you, it was a success.  We want to just give you little sneak peak, so check out the images below

We were so happy that we were able to get the images done prior to us taking our R&R time.  What beautiful weather conditions that we once again have.  Let me remind everyone, it’s near the end of December, three days away until the official start of Winter and the temperatures are still hovering around seven degrees celsius   

But 2018 is coming and the snow shall fly soon – especially with four months of winter temperatures approaching.  Get your ‘warm’ winter photos today by contacting us or wait until the temps drop and snow flies, so we can capture you in the natural winter wonderland.