It’s Coming

So, it’s already December 1st…. 2017 is in it’s last month and again we ponder where the year actually went.  Well, reality is, it’s gone so we better start looking forward to 2018.

So that’s exactly what we wanted to do, here.  We have a huge announcement and some very exciting news to share, but unfortunately, this is a secret or gift we cannot give out yet.  But what we can tell you is that we have a lot of client feedback this year and we are making some pretty awesome changes.  These changes will not affect our service but yet give our clients a simplified way to work with us.

As ‘head-scratching’ as his little change could be, you will just have to wait for more hints to come out, or the release of the changes.  We promise, we will announce final details in early 2018 but may throw a hint or two our prior to that.