Photo of the Week: Interior Photography

This week, we thought we’d show off some other niches of photography that we practice.  

…On another tangent, we hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break with friends and family.  If you thought you are exhausted now, just remember, New Years is only four days away.  You need to get your party hats on, still.  We hope you celebrate it with lots of love, laughter, fun and safety…

Anyways, this weeks selection is interior photography.  It was our first go of it and we had some fun doing this, It sparked our interest in doing more. 

District12 Photographics

I learnt some valuable thing about shooting spaces.  Not in a technical aspect, but in a personal way.  Shoot the home YOU see.  Show the viewer how THEIR home could look.  Bring personality into the photographs but don’t over do it.  If you have a clean taste like me, tidy it up and make it look good.  If you have a lot of clutter, you have a lot of work to do before you do this.  You want the home to look welcoming, large and liveable.

Now, keep in mind, if you do have some post-production skill like us, don’t hesitate to tweak.  Lighten the photograph.  Bold the idea of key features.  Show the viewer what it looks like through your eyes.  

Until next week – D12