Photo of the Week: That Partier

I love scanning through old images of mine.  Some time I shot better photos before I went to school, while other times, I’m glad I did.  Now with everything, there are rules for a reason, but with art, those rules are meant to be broken.

Experiment, play and get better with your ‘own’ technique and ability.  Grow that until you build your old style and niche.  Don’t stop there – experiment with different subjects.  Yes, major in an area were you want to focus, but don’t close your mind to there other side of your art.


District12 Photogrpahics

This week, we chose to showcase one of our favourites from our ‘little ones’ shoot.  This little lad was one of the happiest, go-lucky and independent person I have met.  He chose to play around where and when we wanted, not caring for the camera.

My favourite time of chasing him around was when we got into the balloons.  What a perfect candid opportunity to shoot him when he was enjoying himself.  From what I recall, I do believe these balloons were from his 1st birthday celebration.  Apparently he wasn’t done having fun with them.

Do you have your own favourites from our shoots?  Share and tell us why.  We might just use that as a photo of the week.