See You in 2018

What a year it has been.  We’ve seen some history-making things in 2017.  We’ve seen some awesome things happen, too.  For us at District12 Photographics, it’s time to clean the equipment, pack it a way and give it a break.  Just like us, we want to take the next couple weeks to spend with friends and friendly, relaxing and refreshing.

We wish all our friends, family, clients and followers the best during the holiday season.  May your celebrations and traditions continue safely during this season.  And soon quickly the holiday season wraps up, we move to 2018.  Our countdown clock has begun and we want to wish you the best in 2018 – Happy New Year!


Lastly, we want to remind our clients and followers that there will be site construction throughout the two weeks that we are MIA.  There may not be too many visible changes until 2018, but you will see the big difference on how we will be serving our customers in 2018.

Again, we would like to wish everyone the safest, most fun, entertaining and lovely holiday season and start to their 2018.  We will are ready to serve.   Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

But do you need holiday photos?  We can still help you out!  By appointment, ONLY.