Last to the First of Season

We had a chance to work some pretty spectacular people in 2017 and the last group of them were one of our best.  On the official first day of winter (and just a few days until the big guy, came), we welcomed the morning with excitement.  We knew the weather in Calgary can be unpredictable, but we still needed to poke our head’s outside.  Seems beautiful, a little sunny, but very doable.

Well, weren’t we treated to an absolutely spectacular day to do a  shoot.  In the community of Cranston, the sun was till low, skies, still, with no hint of wind.  There was a slightly diffused light that broke through the low clouds and the snow, still fresh.  

We attacked the shoot in just over an hour that ended up being some great shots to finish the year up with.  Just a teaser for you now, but, keep checking back to our portraiture page to see newly uploads from this shoot and many more.  

We want to welcome you to 2018 and may all that is needed comes your way.  If that need is photos, be sure to check our newly released rates and book us today for your session.