Photo of the Week: A Model?

I do love this POTW.  My goodness, I’m thinking this photo set was done one or two years after I finished high school (That doesn’t give you permission to try to figure out my age).  Again, I was just starting to emerge myself in the photography world.  I loved utilizing my friends for me to creatively shoot them in a fashion type setting.  I created from start to finish, the look, makeup, hair and wardrobe.  You could call me the creative director… he he.

I had recently been signed to Edge Agency out of Regina (and no, I no longer work with them), but at that time I was for surely finding myself.  I was immersed in the world of art.  From a modelling stand point to the photographic one.  Anything related got my juices flowing.  

District12 Photographics

Edge Agency gave me the opportunity to work with their models, updating their portfolios and helping them gain further experience in the industry.  It was a blessing as I soon got to see my work in International models portfolio.  I wanted to create art day in and day out.

In this photo, I got my friend to get dolled up and ready to shoot.  We walked around Regina shooting where we saw fit.  Because of the support of some many people, agencies and friends, I was slowly able to reach for my goals.  And this photo, it remains one of my favourite of today.

Don’t ever stop reaching your goals.  If you have, set hard one and keep striving for the best – D12