Back-to-School Season is here

Back-to-school season is here and we all know what that means.  It’s time for the kids to get their new outfits, backpacks and supplies ready.  The first day is among us and so are the annual school portraits.  

These classy photographs keep a wonderful timeline of how your little one(s) grow, mature, learn and develop into the meaningful adults your raised them to be.  But have you noticed, school portrait style hasn’t changed in eons.  The normal, sit up straight, face to the camera, portrait shot just is so bland.  Why not take your school portraits up a notch!

District12 Photographics wants to bring some creativity to your frames.  Let us shoot your children’s school photos and bring a unique look into your home.  Whether on location in a park or in a junkyard, we will bring something little different to you.

To ask about bookings, contact us today!  Want to see more of our school portraits?  Check out our Facebook page now!