They’re Having a Baby!

Good things come in small packages, right?  I recently had the opportunity to shoot baby-announcement photos.  I will say they were for my brother and his wife, but none-the-less, it was a lot of fun.


Brittany and I had planned this for a couple of weeks.  They were coming to see me in Calgary and it was a perfect opportunity.  Brittany has another photographer lined up at home when she gets really large, but these photos were just to announce the new addition to their family.

Kalin and Brittany arrived Thursday afternoon.  We planned to start shooting about 8 p.m.  Prior, it was time to have some fun and do some things around the city.  That until, we were finished our activities and Brittany asks, “So are we still going to do these pictures or did we miss out on the light?”

All of us went into high-gear, as we headed back home to prep for the shoot.  Let’s just say, we were ready and on location within 20 mins.  We made it (even though I had to change the location last-minute, due to the setting sun and light conditions) and everything seemed to be perfectly lit.  

The session went wonderfully and we ended the with the perfect shots that Brittany was looking for!  

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