Calgary’s Natural Parks and Wonders

The last couple weekends, I have made it a priority to get out to Calgary’s natural parks and wonders hidden within the city. 

During this time, I was in ‘awe’ with the beauty of scenic paths, natural plants and animals; not because I haven’t seen it before, but rather that these parks are in the middle of a bustling metropolis of 1.5 million people.  We hear it every year – warnings of bears, cougars or any other large species of wild life that could cause potential danger for anyone who interacts in that scene.  Again, I have not personally ever ran into large wildlife before, but it makes sense why.

 I spent a day at both Fish Creek Provincial Park and North Glenmore Park, taking in the pure beauty of my surroundings.  While I did, I had my partner in crime with me –  the camera. 

The point of photography is to catch the moment that will never be seen again but capture it perfectly.  I was lucky to photograph some beautiful landscape and nature shots that looked as if they were taken miles out of the city.  Nature has a beautiful way of framing itself, allowing us as humans to feel the moment and absorb the tranquility of our environment.

A real connection begins when wildlife wants to become one with the moment.  Fish Creek Park gave me a special opportunity to get up close and personal (but not too close) to some furry and feathered friends.  Although the shots were all candidly shot, it looked like most times, the “subject” was posed and ready to be photographed.


Remember, always take the time to look at the beauty that surrounds us.  Look at how your eyes frame the image.  Absorb and understand the moment – become part of it.

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