Creative Black & White Set

I was out on my patio the other night, enjoying the evening sun and heat.  I looked up from my gaze and noticed some pretty amazing light.  The sun was beginning to set and harsh shadows and light were beginning to appear.  I noticed a perfectly symmetrical pattern of light and showdown on a building across from my property.  I thought to myself, “Now, if only, I had a subject to shoot some test shots with…”

Seconds later, my neighbour strolled on by.  Me, being a social creature with our neighbours, I popped off my seat and graciously asked her what she was doing.  I explained my idea and mentioned it should take no more than ten minutes.  Izzy was about to make dinner and said, “Sure, when do you want to do this?”

I said, “Now!  It’s suppose to be cloudy the next couple days and I’m afraid I’ll miss this opportunity.”

Izzy ran upstairs to pull her hair back, touch up her make up and I waited outside, checking my light and metering.  

It only took about 20 minutes to shoot the series, but I believe we got some neat shots for a photo shoot on the whim.  We played with the light and shadow that the setting sun provided us, focusing on portrait style photographs.  Whether they were direct on, profile or a creative composition, the shots that came out were beautiful.

I love taking an opportunity when I see conditions right, but I will be honest, I’ve been slacking on this.  I think it’s time for me to get into more creatives and shoot what I see!

If you want to see more examples of the creative black and white set of portraits, check out our Facebook page.  Do you want to get creative and shoot?  Contact us today!!!