Looking for Models in Calgary – Creative Shoot

Sometimes shooting locations speak to us.  Driving down the road, a simple location can spark a creative idea for a shoot.  We understand the creative and fashion photography niche is a hard one to sell, but we want to be apart of it as much as possible.

We are currently seeking one or two female or male models for a couple creative shoots.  These models can be new to the scene or have experience within the industry.  This is a great opportunity to start or update your modelling portfolio at the same time as gaining further experience.

We have two locations in mind and would love two different subjects for them.  Shooting locations will be in south Calgary.

This opportunity is a great one as there will be NO charge to the models.  This is a creative based shoot where we will be testing the subject.  Models will receive one to three edited high-resolution files in multiple tones.  This will help you better identify which shot will look best in your portfolio.  Better yet, you may have access to multiple low-res images from our social media networks and website that you may use on your personal social media.

Does this spark your creative side?  Want to work with us?  Contact us today!  We are looking for models in Calgary for a creative shoot!  Do you want to see more of our work that may not be on the website?  Check out our Facebook or Instagram page today!