Photographing the Alberta Rockies at Allen Bill Pond

Photographing the Alberta Rockies is the most peaceful and tranquil moments a person can capture.  The beauty that surrounds us is just minutes away from the city.  Not only does it give us an escape from the bustle of Calgary, but it allows us to take in the natural elements that Mother Nature has given us.   We are spoiled with the natural wonders of our province.

Autumn hit us like a ton of bricks and I couldn’t miss the chance to get out to all the natural parks in and around the city.  A few weekends ago, we hit the road out to Allen Bill Pond.  The landscape has significantly changed since the floods of 2013, however, has given visitors a new perspective of the area.  

The oranges, reds and yellows of fall were in full display along the river.  My excitement begin to rise as I set my camera settings and started shooting.  We all know that location is isn’t original, much like many pictures we see coming out of this area.  It was my job to compose the image with a different perspective, feeling and voice so that in fact, the image became unique from all others.  

From algae in the still waters of small side ponds, to a wide angle view of the entire landscape, I took the time to capture that perfect photo.  I was happy to see what I captured and even more so, to showcase my work.  I have shown a couple examples in this blog, but if you want to see the entirely of my works, check out our Facebook page. 

Do you have a favourite spot to go hike, relax or photograph in Alberta and the Rockies Mountains?  Share with us some of your secret spots.  Maybe you are interested in purchasing an original capture from us?  Contact us today for any of your inquires.