Purchase Landscape Photography

Did you know that you can now purchase landscape photography from us! From flowers, landscape, animals, architecture and the natural wonders of our world, our work is originally composed and shot all over western Canada.

The best part of being a photographer is that I can dip into other niches of the industry that I didn’t alway focus on.  Landscape and nature photography is the most original pieces to shoot, although, can be difficult to photograph in a unique way.

If you are looking to get new local art on your walls that is as unique as it is beautiful, we have a wide range of options for you.  We can print at any size for you or if you are looking for a digital copy to print yourself, the option is available.

I remember when I started shooting, I focused on the beauty of the unseen.  I would spend my days walking the streets photographing the normals of every day life but presented it in a way that was beautiful to the unknown eye.  I would photograph parking meters, unique architecture of buildings, capture birds proudly perched on a gothic fence.  All this to capture the unseen beauty that most of miss in our busy days.  I would head out onto the highway, capturing the lonely barn in the middle of endless prairies or a beautiful tree that stood tall and alone in the skies of blue.  

I will continue to work hard to bring these pieces to our viewers and clients, showcasing the world that surrounds us in our every day lives.  Do you have an idea of a local that we should attack next?  Where do you believe is the best place to photograph such images is?  Share your stories!

Please contact us for pricing, framing and shipping if applicable. Or are you looking for family, commercial or wedding photo information?  Check out our portfolio and get in touch.  Check out our entire portfolio on Facebook.