Shooting Candids with the Kiddos – The Perfect Picture

It’s common practice that many photographers (including myself) are prone to posing their subjects in photos.  Especially true, is with younger kids.  But, shooting candids with the kiddos can be the perfect picture.

I was out for a walk with a good friend of mine at North Glenmore Park.  I brought my camera to capture some shots of the natural beauty that surrounds us, however, her kids noticed the camera.  I still got some beautiful shots of the landscape, but during our nature walk, the kids became more of the subject.  

From biking down the paths to running wherever they could, there was always that faint scream of the kids, “take a picture of me, take a picture of me.”  As soon as I raised the camera, the kids would be on their ways.  Giggling and running away as I chased them.

For as much fun as they were having, I was having just as much if not more.  From their silly looks to sly smiles, these candid moments were caught at the perfect moments, creating a real feeling and emotion to the photograph.

Shooting candids of the kiddos can turn out to be the perfect picture.  So remember, if you are working with kids or have a kids session planned (especially outside), let them be themselves.  Of course – capture those posed photos to be safe, but have some fun and capture the kids in play and laughter.  

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