Why Print is Better than Digital for Photography

We are in a full technological revolution in every aspect of our everyday lives.  But is it all as good as it looks?  In this short blog and opinion piece, I will share why print is better then digital for photography.

In today’s society, people have been absorbed into the multitude of social media networks that dot the world wide web.  From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Reddit, there are multiple ways for people to share their views, opinions and photos across the internet.  Because of this, people share their every day lives through digital outputs.  But is this truly the best way to showcase your favourite photos?

Photography continues to adapt and change to our clients needs.  We, as photographers, must stay on trend and create our own original concepts to stay ahead of the game.  

When a client hires a photographer, most expect and want digital copies of their images.  Long gone are the days of film printing or even digital printing.  Clients want to post their photos online or have digital copies to go back to years down the road.  For me, I see a lot of wrong in this.

When presenting my work, I utilize Facebook, Instagram and my website (thanks for visiting) to present my digital portfolio.  However, I have printed many hardcopies of my work.  The difference is night in day between the quality, vibrance and look of the image when printing.  

When I print, the image takes on a whole new story and view.  Changing the crop from the in-camera standard helps to portray the image in a different way.  I love seeing how the colours pop off the paper and how the story begins to be told.  That beautiful family photo, the candid shot of the kids, a fashion creative for a portfolio or a stunning landscape shot, these are the images that I believe everyone should print.  To have the tangible piece that one can look at everyday and reflect, gives a whole different meaning then scrolling a social media feed and ‘liking’ every pretty photo that comes around.

Do yourself and I a favour.  Next time you hire a photographer or you snap a wonderful photo that you want to share, go ahead and post to your social media or other digital platforms, but don’t forget to print it.  You won’t regret it.  We still need to retain our history with tangible evidence.