New Studio Space for 2020

Next year will bring some new and exciting changes for our clients. Changes like a new studio space for 2020. Among this announcement, you are probably aware of all other changes coming, too.

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What do these changes mean for the clients?

  1. A new exciting studio space to shoot.
  2. More room within the constraints of our office to shoot with natural light of large windows. Or use a complete studio lighting setup. This will give our clients more options of what time of images they’re looking for.
  3. A spacious, more comfortable environment for our clients and models
  4. Increased privacy.

More information will be released in early 2020, but as our readers are well aware, we love teasing with sneak peak information.

If you can’t wait to hear about this exciting news or want to hear more about the changes coming in 2020, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your inquires!