Photographing in Fall Light

Photographing in Fall light gives photographers some of the nicest lighting conditions to work with.  As the days continue to get shorter, the light tends to soften up, allowing for more creative play at all times of the day.  

I took to the opportunity to take advantage of this one-a-year lighting conditions and contacted a fellow friend who modelled frequently when she was a bit younger.  

We started our adventure about 10:30 a.m. on a Friday stopping at our first location that I have been wanting to photograph for the past while.  

Ashley and I have worked in the past, as well as, may other fantastic and talented photographers in the industry.  I decided that we were going to play a little game. 

I had planned to shoot three locations, thus deciding only to take three lenses.  Among the necessary accessories, these three lenses would be what I shot with.  But how would I chose to utilize them, when and where?  Ashely was put to the task of selecting the lens choice.  One rule:  one lens per location.

Ashley picked great lenses for the locations, however, because this was a creative, not of all them worked.  This is was fine as it allowed us to play around with composition and lighting.  We had some laughs and moved on when it was noticed that the location and lens wasn’t meeting our expectations.

We had a lot of fun through the morning and we wrapped as the weather was changing to a cold wind.   If you want to check out more of the work, browse the website or check us out on Facebook and Instagram.  Don’t forget to follow us.

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