2019’s Year in Review

It’s been a beautiful 2019. Like every year, there are many changes that occur and 2019 was no different. In this blog post, you will see a review of my favourite shots of the year and the story behind them. It was year full of different type of photo sessions and we couldn’t have asked for more.

A New Baby is Coming

Okay, okay, I might be a little bias with this selection, but my twin brother and his wife were expecting their first baby in the beginning of December. They flew up to Calgary in July and gave me the opportunity to shoot their announcement photos. Not going to lie, we almost forgot about them as we were busy doing other things together, but we did manage to get a couple shots.

I want to congratulate their newest addition to their family. For obvious reasons, this is one of my favourite photos of the year.

A Little Walk at North Glenmore Park

I made a promise to myself this year that I would try to take my camera wherever I went. I’ll be the first one to admit that I didn’t do my best at doing so, but when I did, magic happened. This shot was taken during an afternoon stroll through North Glenmore Park. The afternoon was cooler for a late Summer’s day, but lighting conditions were perfect. The skies were mostly cloudy with slight breaks of blue streaking the sky. The light was perfectly diffused for photographs; I started to shoot.

Along the trail, I came upon this beautiful clearing. The marshy waters were clear and still. The trees and sky beautifully reflecting off the water’s skin. I love the vibrance of the colours and the composition of the image and this is why I have selected it as a favourite.

A Captured Moment with the Kiddo

You know the photo above? It’s during the same time as this perfect moment. A friend invited me to join her and the kids for a walk. Not only was I taking out the camera to shoot the beautiful natural landscapes we were emerged in, but gave me a shot grab some fun shots of the kids playing and running around.

This handsome guy was chasing me down with this stick when I captured this shot. I would say all the stars aligned for this image and this is why it made it on my review list. Moments aren’t posed, they’re lived.

Is that Snow White?

Another beautiful morning in Calgary had my partner and I headed down to Fish Creek Park. Our stroll started out peacefully as I shot the beauty around me. The birds were chirping, squirrels running and all of sudden, Snow White appeared out of no where.

The birds and squirrels began surrounding my partner in the most magical way. It was like Disney, himself, orchestrated this himself. I captured this moment as this little bird curiously and peacefully landed on his hand. We’re closer to nature then we think.

Creative’s keep it Creative

I wanted to shoot one more creative before the temperatures plummeted and the snow fell. I contacted an old friend who worked in the modelling industry in the past, asking her if she would be up for a quick shoot.

One of my favourite shots of the season, this creative exceeded my expectations with the beautiful light, textures, locations and model. Thank you to Ashley W. for her graceful participation.

Here’s your Close-up

Strolling through Fish Creek Park gives any budding photographer an opportunity to shoot stellar images of multiple varieties. For myself, I didn’t know what I was shooting until the moment presented itself.

Stopping at a picnic area for a short rest, drink of water and sit down doesn’t stop me from looking for that perfect image. This macro shot of some sort of wild flower popped with brilliant colour and detail.

It was a Walk in the Park

A friend of mine asked me to join herself and daughter for a walk at the South Glenmore Reservoir. I gracefully accepted the invitation under one condition – I could bring the camera.

I chased her daughter around the park, played games and hid around bushes all with camera ready in hand. This shot was near the end of our walk when the little princess was a bit tired out. For me, this image captures the innocents and playful manner of a child, the joy and happiness in the moment.

Just a few more…

I couldn’t write a 6000 word blog showing all my favourite photos from this year, so I choose one from some of my favourite sets. Favourites like this one shot at Allin Bill Pond, Alta. The fall leaves were changing, the skies were beautiful and the water was crystal blue. The relaxing afternoon nature walk became a photo shoot after all.

Check out more of my favourite images below. From family to fashion, landscape to nature and creative to portraiture, we have a way of bringing natural beauty to light.

What a beautiful year it was. I worked with amazing people, new and returning clients, shot edgy creatives, took myself out into nature, captured the love of a family and enjoyed having he camera in front of my face.

I wish everyone the best in 2020. I look even more forward to working with new and returning clients throughout the season. Remember, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see even more original content, news and promotions. If you want to book your session or need further information about other products or services, contact us today. It’s a new year – let’s shoot new photos – together.