2020 Photography Trends for Social Media

In the ever changing world of technology, we see new trends emerge. Whether art, clothing or interior design, it changes year to year. Here are some of the 2020 Photography Trends for Social Media.

The one constant in social media is change, and it’s time to take a fresh look at what’s tending (in either direction) and reevaluate where we spend our social media energy as photographers. There’s no use is spending all your energy on a given social network if it is on its way out, and you might want to look at something new that could be trending. Let’s dive into 2020 photography social media and attention.

I’m basing my thoughts on some source data recently released by Trust Insights (link below), coupled with my insights as a photography technologist.

What’s Hot: YouTube, Reddit, Slack, Twitch

YouTube continues to see growth and should become even more important for photographers of all genres. If you aren’t already sharing your work, talking about your work, talking about your clients, and providing useful information for your clientele via YouTube, the time to start is now.

Don’t overthink it – you don’t need a dedicated video studio with $10,000 of additional equipment. If you have a current high-end smartphone you have what you need.

Reddit has a bit of a learning curve and hasn’t quite shed its stigma as being for nerds of all sorts, but it’s a great place to connect with others with similar interests. If you’re looking to use it for your photography business, don’t go in focusing on photography topics… other photographers aren’t your clients. Connect around topics of interest to your clients… whether that’s local subreddits for your community, or a subreddit around your fine art genre, or one that’s dedicated to an industry where you work commercially.

Twitch is a video streaming platform that grew quickly in the gaming arena but is starting to see a wider reach. Photography-specific uses could be a stretch but I suspect we’ll see some clever folks will put it to work.

Slack provides a forum for community messaging and its up to you how widely you want to include your audience. While it’s often used by businesses for internal communications, there are local and interest-based Slack groups as well that can provide photographic business networking opportunities. As an example, I’m a member of a Slack group for Portland Startups and have done a fair amount of photography work for other members of that group.

In Decline: Snapchat, Facebook, Medium, Instagram

These four platforms are expected to have a decline in users over the next year… the days of unlimited Facebook growth have come to an end.

If you have a strong presence on these platforms… the decline doesn’t mean you should immediately walk away. Keep going if it’s working for you. But what it does indicate is that now probably isn’t the right time to start there… if you’re not already finding success on Snapchat, it’s time to put that energy to work elsewhere. The same thing applies to Facebook… if that’s working well… keep going. But if you’re posting work and not generating leads, again, that effort could be better put to use in another forum.

I would like to thank the Tech Photo Guy for the amazing trends we will see coming in 2020. If you want to read the entire blog, click here.

As newer applications popularize themselves, we as industry specialists must continue to be current by utilizing these new technologies. But, don’t forget or ignore the ‘older’ platforms. Although some of the most popular apps of 2019 are in decline, this doesn’t mean their usage won’t be beneficial. Look how your clients, visitors and viewers are engaging with your work. Slowly begin to transition into the trending apps and see how they may benefit you. If it doesn’t, focus on what works. Try to be trendy, but don’t be the trend.

What are other 2020 photographic trends are you expecting to see? How will these trends help you out in your creative business? Share us your thoughts about what trends your will purse in 2020.

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