Photo of the Week is Back

Some time ago, I began to post a photo of the week for our readers and viewers to see.  These photos where from the start of my career to more present times.  No matter when and where the photo was taken, it always has a story to tell.  Starting the first week of January 2020,  Photo of the Week is back.

I for surely love doing this as it gives our readers and visitors to our site a chance to see some of the photos for the very first time.  In a previous blog, I mentioned that we would be condensing some of our portfolios.  Because of this, images will always be rotating and Photo of the Week will give everyone another chance to see old portfolios pieces.

I will be showing all types of my work.  Some of photos selections will be never-to-been shots on our website.  We are talking photography niches such as:  landscape, architecture, fashion, family and more.  

For my readers who love seeing the Photo of the Week, I’m going to have a repeated post schedule so you can check it out on a weekly basis.  This will be determined and will be announced via social media – follow us and stay tuned!

I’m excited to read everyones feedback of what they think of it.  Do you love the style?  Want to imitate the look in another shoot?  Looking to buy a print?  Let us know!  Want to book your session?  That’s easy, too!  Contact us here.