Photo of the Week: An Amazing Location

If you missed it in our previous blog, we announced that photo the week is back for 2020.  We are excited to bring exciting stories to you about and how we shot it.  Photos from the beginning of our shooting career to ones that are more recent, it will be another adventure for our readers to be a part of.

This week, I’m presenting a photo that was quite early in my photography career.  It takes us back to my roots in Swift Current, Saskatchewan where the local community supports the arts more then one would think.  

Photo of the Week: An Amazing Location

Heritage buildings surround the small city of Speedy Creek.  For the 20 years I grew up, not much changed in the sense of architecture, new commercial buildings and expansion.  However, what it does give is a multitude of early 20th century buildings.  A look that isn’t just edgy, but gives a whole different feeling to the photos.  

The old night club was a hotspot for Swift Current residents (more for the younger crowd) where they could meet for dancing, socialization and some beverages.  I attended the night club many times, but always wondered what it looked on the top floor of the three story building.  

As I mentioned previously, Swift Current is quite small.  It’s hard not to run into someone you know or aware of at anytime.  Connections are long and networks are large.  In one way or another, most people are connected in one way or another.  For artist’s like me, it’s like hitting a jackpot.  

Long story short, I was able to attain the location through some smart communications and was granted access to shoot in the upstairs areas of the night club.  What a treat it was to allow me to play with all my creative ideas.  Some areas of the upper floors were dark with small streaks of light cutting through while others were beautifully lit by natural light.  The architecture was beautiful throughout.

I asked an old co-worker if she would be interested in modelling for a creative that I was developing.  After setting a date and time to shoot, we eagerly awaited the day.  When it happened, magic happened.  Not all the magic was great, but that’s what’s fun about experimenting in photography.  I shot amazing shots, I shot some discards, but in all, I was able to experience a location and set that not many people had access to at the time.  

If you want to check out the whole set from this creative shoot, click here.

From the shoot from years ago, my network of connections remained strong in Swift Current and I was able to shoot at the location a second time for a publication in Calgary and campaign for a jewelry company in British Columbia.  Not long after, I started to see this location being shot a lot more for weddings and other shoots.  I’m glad I was able to open up the opportunity for others to make magic as well.

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