Photo of the Week: It’s Never too Cold for Family

In this Photo of the Week edition, it’s never too cold for family photos. Although most people love updating their photos in spring, summer and fall, there are the few that love the winter wonderland that surrounds us yearly.

The Atkinson family was one who wanted to take advantage of the beautiful fresh snow, while being in the fresh, crisp winter air. If I recall correctly, it was a very frosty day. But everyone came prepared with all the winter entire to stay warm and hot beverages to keep those insides moving. Ah, what a perfect day for a photo shoot.

Photo of the Week: It’s Never too Cold for Family

We met in the community of Cranston in Calgary, where myself and my assistant were greeted. Not only were we greeted by the Atkinson family, but my parents-in-law, as well. They were neighbour’s and good friends with the Atkinson’s – I knew this was going to be a fun shoot.

My father-in-law had hot coffees ready for everyone – with his special touch of baileys included – while my mother-in-law helped with extra blankets to keep us all warm.

We shot many different sets of images from just the kids, to the kids and parents, to the entire family including grams. Although everyone had a slight chill for the winter breeze, we all managed to stay warm.

Maybe it was the love in the air, the joy I saw of the entire family being together or maybe it was simply that I was moving around most of the time to get the perfect shot and creative edge, but a different kind of warmth and energy filled the air.

After the session, I had arranged to stop immediately at the Atkinson household. There, I presented the portfolio of work from that days shoot. The client liked too many of the photographs and the images were still raw. This is never a bad thing and I knew I found success in this session. After further discussion of the images, we arranged to have the package to be all digital so that Atkinson’s could access the edited selected images from anywhere. They initially wanted to do a print package*, however, with the multitude of images that they wanted to print, it was smarter to go with our digital package. And this is what we love to do – provide our clients with the best package for their dollar.

It was the perfect day for a shoot. We have selected this image for photo of the week for not only its technique and composition, but because of the emotion it exudes. It’s never too cold for family, as family provides us all with warmth, love and support.

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*please note, Distict12 Photographics no longer offers print packages