Using Photo Gels for Product Photography

During the #stayhome Covid-19 days, I have continued to experiment with different techniques such as using photo gels for product photography.  As you have read on previous posts, this is what I have been doing to keep myself busy and my creativity following during the pandemic.

While the photography is experimental and for fun, I have been learning a lot of ways to change the feeling and mood of a subject just by changing my lighting sources.  I wanted to add something just a bit different and I remembered that I had photo gels in my photography bag.

For those who are wondering what photo gels are, they are simply thicker pieces of see-through, flimsy plastic that can be put over top of your lighting set up to create a different light colour for your image.

Obviously, in most circumstances, the photographer would put a lot of thought into the gels he will be using (if any).  It all depends on what the clients or the photographer is looking for in regards to the final look of the subject image.  In my case, I had chosen just to use two colours with no justification of why.  I was just playing around.

As you are all aware, I have been photographing random objects around my place.  When I was working with gels, it was apparent which images worked with the flood of coloured light and what didn’t.  But that’s okay – that’s the point of learning and experimenting.  Although, it was neat to see how gels created a very retro look to some of the images when the subject was a vintage piece.

Remember there are no ‘right or wrongs’ when it comes to playing with your creative spirit.  Make mistakes, make magic and be sure to continue to play with your photography techniques.  Have you worked with gels during photographic sessions?  What did you like most about them?  What did you hate about them?

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