Food for Thought Photography

Here’s some food for thought. I have been learning and creating new types of work, photographing as many subjects as I can find in the house. Today, I will talk about food photography.

Whether it was lunch or supper, if the meal looked great plated, I headed downstairs, prepped the shooting area and shot. I shot with my DSLR for the full frame shots while shooting in a macro mode with my point and shoot camera (A blog will be posted about macro photography).

Unlike many of the food photography and commercials you see, this food was actually cooked. Most food photography and commercials, food is basically torched to make it look hot and fresh. Not here, this was all real.

I shot the food on the red background that I picked up with my light box. I changed the colour in post depending what colours where brilliant and stood out in the food. For additional post-production, I increased highlights to bring out the shine and sweat from the freshly cooked food. I also increased the saturation as I don’t find that the camera captures the whole spectrum of colour and vibrance that we see with our naked eye.

I shot with a two-light source, but I also tried shooting with one source from different directions to change the food mood. For the results I wanted and showcase, I generally stuck with the two-light setup and selected my favourites out of that.

Eating is a never-ending reality, so I plan to photograph as much different foods as possible over the summer. From bbq peppers, to a perfectly cooked steak, stay tuned as this photographs may make your mouth water.

If you want to learn more about how to photograph food, let me know! I will continue to share stories as I continue to learn more about the best techniques and posing for food photography.

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