Photo of the Week: Capturing the Photograph

When photographing children, it’s not always about the perfect pose, but capturing the photograph that’s happening in the moment. This weeks Photo of the Week discusses just that.

Many years ago, I moved to Regina, Saskatchewan to be closer to my modelling and talent agency. This was an opportunity I wanted to take as I wanted to be more involved in the creative and artistic industry and community. I was signed to Edge Agency. Having a close relationship with talent management company, I was able to photograph establishing and international models for my portfolio development.

Unfortunately, because of a roommate situation that went downhill, I was only in Regina for a couple months. However, in those couple months, I excelled in developing my new portfolio in photography.

One of my favourite shoots were with my young nephew at the time (He’s 13 now). My mother and sister came up to visit me as it was my first time having my own place. We headed to the legislature as it was beautifully landscaped and off Wascana Lake and Park. Initially, I tried posing Maddex but found out quickly that you can pose a growing kid full of energy that just wants to play.

I changed the direction of the shoot and asked my sister and mom to play with Maddex, chase him around and let him chase them. I wanted Maddex to be in his own world, doing his own thing, allowing me to shoot candid photography shots.

I don’t know all the techniques of capturing the perfect photo, but I have learned what the best way to possibly achieve it. Kids will be kids, so if you are photographing them, think like a kid and be kid. The best advice I can give is to really analysis who your subject is and what the best methods are to capturing the ‘perfect’ photo.

I was able to capture some beautiful imagery that I’m still proud of today, but the biggest thing I took from the shoot was learning how to capture my subject. This is important because if I’m not continuing to learn about photography, I’m really not dedicating myself to it. This is why I have chosen the image for PotW.

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