Inspiration, innovation and inclusion are three foundations to the tri-layered company of 3ii Studio of Calgary, dedicating focus on design, architecture and photography. Putting the concepts together has allowed the innovative business to merge disciplines of graphic design, marketing and advertising into their multi-functional studio.

Partners of 3iii Studio, James Paterson and Aaron McCullough, forged the ideas of “a seamless blend of the fundamentals of interior design, architecture and photography into an innovative and uncommon design group.”

“Our business platform doesn’t compete against the traditional interior and architectural design forms, nor photography studios,” explained McCullough. “3ii is an all inclusive design studio where we blend our professional disciplines in all our projects.”

“We all work together at the same table and no one person stands alone or is left out.”

Located centrally in downtown Calgary at the base of the iconic Calgary Tower, “3iii Studio is attractively displayed and open to downtown’s active 9th Avenue” allowing passersby and business clients to see the extensive showcase of work that has built the companies portfolio.

Modernizing the way 3iii Studio works with clients, the business looks at the said company, “what its’ brand stands for” and develops & incorporates “that story into the marketing and advertising ” campaign.

“One of our major accomplishments has been the marketing and advertising campaigns for Scotia Centre,” McCullough said.

“Following the design concept of the interior space of Scotia Centre, we have successfully been able to rebrand Scotia Centre not only as a shopping and professional service center, but as a connector and destination location for the downtown core.

As the face of the business world continues to change and evolve, 3iii Studio encompasses a blend of traditional company techniques with innovated practices to create success within the business.

“Our method is very inclusive and we have open brainstorming sessions, small or large and everyone is invited, including the client,” McCullough explained. “We use a blend of the ‘human touch’ and modern technology [where] we sketch, draw and speak; it’s a mix of low-tech & high-tech, old school and new school.”

“Companies that work behind closed doors in the traditional manner where each person works mostly independently and is governed from the top down, we feel are declining. The most successful companies will be the ones that are inspiring, innovative and inclusive.”

3ii Studio brings a new platform to the business arena, providing innovative products and services for a large book of clients.

“Our company stands out because of our core values and the unique product we deliver. Our clients find our openness & responsiveness to be inspiring and are inspired themselves by taking part in the process of the project.”