Economic growth throughout the North America’s continues to pace itself with lighting speed and marketing agencies have blessed our businesses with sought-after and innovative ideas to help them grow and expand for the future.

United States based Amara specializes with proactive marketing skills for a wide-arrange of business throughout North America, including Canada.

Amara Omoregie, owner and director of marketing, took her passions of “music, magazines, and food” and built her brand on the basis of merging her love for the said industries into an empire niche.

Focus on medium-sized businesses help drive Amara’s goal of helping the success of entrepreneurs and new start-ups in North America.

“My goal is to help [those businesses] make a difference in a world in a positive way, who create something innovative and unique to contribute to the humanity,” Omoregie said.

“Those brands that have produced something really awesome or have something unique to offer the world speak to me and those companies with a creative vision usually have something that I can really get excited about.”

Amara’s success is driven not only on the growth of the company, but watching the clients companies who utilized the agency’s tools and knowledge succeed with no boundaries.

“While there are many factors to a company’s growth, marketing is vital for a company to grow and we can give ourselves credit for our success in that,” Omoregie said.

Being a part of the success of small to medium businesses, seeing them grow and achieve [or exceed] their goals is amazing and really satisfying.

Amara’s expertise’s in areas of branding & corporate identity, business development, strategic planning and digital marketing make the company a dream agency for those who are starting or own their business. Amara strives for the success of those businesses but highlight the need to develop the appropriate knowledge and rules to build their own brands.

“It’s really important to pay attention to what’s going on in your industry, listen to your clients [and] find opportunities to join conversations, while at the same time, creating your own lane and identity,” Omoregie said.

“It’s not easy, but it’s really important that brands get clear on what their values are and what it is that they are contributing, so that they can stay true to that and speak to it in a everything they do.”

Amara’s brand dedicates its energy on strategy by providing the best advice and utilization of the company’s professional toolbox for its clients in the current driven economy of the western world.

“We’re looking for the biggest, most innovative brands to work with and are passionate about working with entrepreneurs,” said Omoregie.

“That’s why I’m excited to create more classes and education to support those who aren’t able to afford a marketing department or large marketing retainer.”

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