A paintbrush, pencil or the click of a camera are the main tools for many artisans across the country but when it comes to graphic designers, their tool of choice becomes a keyboard and mouse.

Interviewing freelance graphic designer and entrepreneur Ben Brush of Ben Brush Designs, helped me see how the intricate sweeps of the mouse and the creative thought of design and marketing are just as important in a technologically technical career that requires passion and the eye for design.

“I started doing freelance design in early 2013,” Brush said. “After some time in the industry, I got a feel for the work I really enjoyed and started to focus in on logo design, branding and icon illustration.”

As every other artistic industry becomes more competitive, Brush established his brand with the knowing of his creative-self saying he loves “the way design concepts like symmetry, balance, contrast and colour, show up in the world, both in nature and urban environment” that can be applied his work.

“The perfect client knows the importance and value of design; they know what it means to have a solid brand.”

In development of his own brand, Brush allowed this “flexibility and freedom to quickly adapt to the industry” to best serve his clients in the changing environment. With each new company, a graphic designer gets a new job in creating something magical to help it standout and brand itself within the industry.

“It’s incredibly rewarding working on projects that you believe in and I’ve been lucky to work with so many amazing people and companies,” Brush said.

“The most significant work for me has been creating new brands for startup founders/ new business owners and watching how they grow their companies.

“Working with clients at such an early stage in their business often leads to long-lasting business relationships.”

As the market significantly relates to the success of a company, Brush highlights the key to appropriate branding and design to help achieve just that.

“The [client] needs to be invested and confident in their vision and goals,” Brush explained.

“Because design is all about solving problems, I am inspired by finding the best possible solution within the constraints of each project.”

Regarding Brush’s own branding for his company, he wanted his work “to do most of the talking”, allowing it to be “simple and understated” rather then competing with it. This helps his work speak for itself and ensure that his clients will receive the highest quality and top-notch original designs.

“By aligning myself with my clients, I make their success my goal and use that as the driving force behind each project. Making clients success a priority ensures the designs are strong and effective.”