The technological and digital age continues to move quicker then rushing floodwaters and the emphasis of retaining the attention of value in the industry is core for Calgary based BizBOXTV.

BizBOXTV is a digital television commercial advertising company that prides the columns of its work on the importance of showing off the corporate and creative industry.

Lisa Ostrikoff, founder of BizBOXTV, saw the lack of willingness to change in traditional media outlets as an opportunity to explore and define the future shift of media and advertising.

“I took my passion for creative video storytelling and the quickly evolving digital world, said goodbye to traditional media and launched BizBOXTV,” Ostrikoff said.

“BizBOXTV has told the stories of thousands of Canadian business owners and we’re just at the very beginning, as this digital world and online video continues to increase in importance.”

BizBOXTV understands that targeting a niche audience is important to selling and strives to attain that goal for the most successful advertising for the said client.

“Combing the most persuasive form of media and the most advanced methods of digital targeting, engagement, measurement and optimization, we know, because numbers talk, that what we do, offers unparalleled results in this digital world we are immersed in today,” Ostrikoff said.

The creative industry, although very competitive, is the most liberal in adopting new and innovative ways of publicity and promotion. These methods are grasped and utilized in the smartest way by television and digital media commercial advertising. BizBOXTV represents the artistic communities with the trendiest digital approach to its’ advertising.

“Embracing the measurable world of digital advertising offers unparalleled potential for those brands who want to get and stay ahead of the curve,” Ostrikoff said.

“With BizBOXTV, businesses don’t have to wonder where their ad dollars are going and that’s so exciting.”

With the downfall of the traditional media advertising, BizBOXTV has picked a path that will drive the success of the business and their clients.

“Digital media will soar, while traditional media will continue to whither,” Ostikoff said. “ Take a look around at what’s happening to traditional media outlets; they’re too late to the digital game.”

BizBOXTV brands itself on the strengths of innovation and disruption while being “different and powerful”, helping their “clients prove they are too.”

“We live by the mantra of ‘vision, passion, instinct [and] agility’, which is apparent in everything we do for ourselves and clients.

“We’re the only on in Canada doing what we do, the way we do it. We make our clients standout via video and that’s why we are so successful.”



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