Modernizing business communities with original marketing methods, graphic design from Montreal based studio, Cavallo Design has helped enhance the successes of its’ clients by its unique take on brand development and communications.

Sandy Cavallo, owner and operator of the boutique design studio, hosts a high-end portfolio of work that s focused in the area of visual branding, communications and social media presence. Additionally, Cavallo Design specializes in individual marketing material with their extensive À La Carte options for anyone looking for business cards, invitations, banners and more.

As a young and well-established company, Cavallo had thrown herself “headfirst into establishing a reputable design studio” seven years ago with success on her mind.

“Throughout the past seven years, I have built a solid client base through customer relationships and word of mouth,” Cavallo said.

“I have been fortunate to develop relationships with clients who not only understand and appreciate my designs, but are also buzzing about Cavallo Design.”

As each aspect of building a brand and company is, Cavallo used her last name to establish the business with a meaning that goes beyond her roots.

“Cavallo is the Italian translation for ‘horse’; a spiritual animal that represents personal drive, passion and freedom,” Cavallo explained.

“These are qualities that are reflective of me as an artist and have given me the ability to create strong, elegant, bold and simple art work.”

As the sole employee of the design studio, Cavallo must standout from the competition and provide world-class work.

“The challenge of being a boutique shop is earning the trust of clients,” Cavallo said.

“To do so, one must weed out the bargain hunters and educate people on the value of time and skills that go into artistic work.”

Building her brand and company as an individual can prove difficult, but Cavallo sees a lot of benefit in doing so.

“Staying small give me a competitive edge as it allows me to have personal bonds with my clients and pay careful attention to their every need and desire,” Cavallo said. “This is why I have recurrent clients that also spread the word to others.”

“I work very closely with them every step of the way, which is very important as it allows me to properly connect with my client and helps myself and them to understand what exactly they are looking for.”

Cavallo Design will continue to grow, providing clients with unique work and marketing solutions to improve brand and company recognition by its’ “commitment to quality and simplicity” that makes it standout.

“Whether it’s reviving old store signs or helping a local merchant market itself, it is my mission to give back through my work,” Cavallo said.

“It is a form of social entrepreneurship that takes the capitalism out of my work.”

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