The Diamond Frosted Gala was hosted for it’s sixth consecutive time with a blend of art, performance, dance, music and fashion under one roof.

Through the evolution of the event, organizers have kept the gala event fresh by creating new themes for each showcase. This has helped bring returning guests to support the gala but as well, has opened its’ arms to new attendees to the enticing evening of “spectacle, opulence and brilliance.”

The latest showcase was themed by ‘diamonds,’ creating an atmosphere of glitter and glamour for the attendees. This paralleled the new line from DORI brand designs, the exclusive jewelry designer and host of the gala.

Dorian Kominek, lead designer of DORI, host and founder of the gala, believes this showcase has allowed her to keep the event modern and ever changing, to allow return attendees a different look and original feeling when they enter the doors.

“I love the creative side of production,” Kominek said. “Using performance to tell a story that reflects the brand’s themes, feelings and ideas gives me so much gratification and satisfaction.”

“The gala is really a milestone in the year when we can present our best designs and work, but also a chance to connect with the community and showcase our brand’s personality.”

The Diamond Frosted Gala gave a taste of everything to the attendees from the art-spectrum to the late-night entertainment. Cocktails were presented throughout the evening while guests were exposed to the “world premier of DORI’s short film, The Big Date.”

While attendees were encircled by artistic performances from over two-dozen dancers and models, the social atmosphere allowed for relaxation and interaction.

“My number one goal is to ensure that everyone who attends has a fantastic time, and that the venues who host us are satisfied too,” Kominek said.

“It’s such a pleasure and honour when guests choose to spend the night at our gala, so we want to take the opportunity to exceed their expectations and show them our best.”

While the evening moved forward, GOGO dancers upped the energy and helped guests to loosen up and dance the night away in style.

“Coming together and celebrating with dance and performance underscores why design is so important, and how it can enrich our lives.

“Most of all, I want our guests to have a spectacular time; to feel special and appreciated and for the Gala to be a highlight in their year.”

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