The continuing evolution of the creative industry touches every border of Canada’s provinces with their own unique & original artisans and agencies that promote talent across the world.

Edge Agency of Regina, Saskatchewan, represents a multitude of local to international models that, in conjunction, have helped the province embody the creative industry of modeling, fashion and photography to the world and put has its’ name on the international map.

Edge Agency owner, Lisa Marie Schwartz, saw an opportunity and niche of building a sought-after professional networking society in Saskatchewan for models in the area.

“We are experienced international models ourselves,” Schwartz said. “[This] allows us to help new models and actors, as well as understanding our clients needs.”

“We are the only model and talent management agency in Saskatchewan [and] we work very hard to promote and book our models & actors with the best clients locally and internationally.”

Edge Agency is involved with many other creative events throughout province such as the ever-growing and successful Saskatchewan Fashion Week. In responsibility, Edge Agency has taken on the role as “model coordinators since its conception”. In addition to coordinating models for the event, Edge Agency co-founded a local modeling competition called Discovered that has begun the successful international careers of many current models.

Discovered has “helped raise close to S100,000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation’s Saskatchewan Branch”.

“We work in the community and we care about it,” Schwartz said.

Through Edge Agency’s contributions to the community, the company has become very well known for its involvement. In addition, Edge Agency is very dedicated in promotion and booking for its’ wide range of unique and original faces.

“We are very proud of this brand recognition and it has helped us enticing the best models and actors in our province, as well as national and internationally on the modeling side of our business,” Schwartz said.

“We see our modeling business growing with the exploding talent of our creative industries.”

Growth and acknowledgement for Saskatchewan’s creative industries are setting new standards for international artistic markets and Edge Agency is, in every part, helping expand the native brands and designs of these artists.

“The local designers in Saskatchewan are amazing and to survive, they have to promote their designs to the world,” Schwartz said. “As well as designers, our makeup artists and hair stylists are also breaking out of Saskatchewan, showing the world that we are on the map.”

“All these creative talents need models to sell their product.”

Edge Agency strives in teaching and building their models careers with a respected portfolio that will take each individual to high-end professional markets, promoting the success in the industry. These models become great advocates for Saskatchewan and their mother agency, Edge Agency.

“We genuinely care for all of our models and actors and I think people appreciate that,” Schwartz said. “ We work very hard to promote and book our models with the best clients locally and internationally.”

“[It’s a beautiful feeling] seeing how our local models and actors have taken their careers to the next level since starting with Edge Agency.”

Edge Agency of Saskatchewan appreciates the ongoing successes of its’ representatives and looks forward to promoting and expanding Saskatchewan talent to the world.

“We think our brand is very well known and recognizable for our professionalism,” Schwartz said.

“We feel that we have been successful in the past twenty years and will keep on doing so in the future.”

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