Eve & Enoch creator, Jessilyn Poole, fashions her designs to evoke “thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted” pieces to allow clients to have unique pieces in their wardrobes.

Born out of the idea to create, Poole followed her desire to brand her visions by a sketch work that blooms into unique clothing designs that are sought-after pieces within the competitive fashion industry.

“I get an adrenaline rush from having an idea and seeing it come to life,” Poole explained.

“It sounds cheesy, but I feel there is something in me that I [love] to let out.”

Poole strives on her original thought of designs to connect with her clients in regards to communicating the needs and wants of her clothing for, nowadays, “the retail industry has become so detached”.

Although Poole is focused on producing woman’s-wear, Eve & Enoch defines itself with feminine and masculine touches to create conversation for both buyers and retailers.

“The brand is a combination of a woman’s and man’s name,” Poole said. “Having both a man’s and woman’s name” allows for future growth in a men’s division, so “when we sell men’s wear, the name wouldn’t be so feminine.”

With any vision, Poole needed to consider her present and perfect woman to wear her brand and feel exceptionally beautiful in it. To have the desire to showcase the outfit with the utmost confidence and self-satisfaction is a high-importance to the designs of the apparel.

“She is young, knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it,” Poole said.

“She lives without regrets because she has confidence in herself.

“She knows she’s living the best life she can and isn’t [afraid] to admit that she might be addicted to beautiful things.”

An integral part of Poole’s designs stem from setting her own trends for the needs of the local market and produce high-quality pieces that speak loudly to evolution, while wear and move smartly with each person.

“I carefully consider every aspect of the piece,” Poole explained.

“[It’s important to keep in mind] how it will work with different outfits or [where] can I make it see-through in parts without taking it too far.

“[Or] how can I make it original with special details, but [without making the piece] look overdone or too busy?”

With the need to gain further knowledge and intellect for creating her work, Poole continues to bring new innovations to her already smart designs.

“I spend most of my life thinking [and] I never stop,” Poole said.

“I like to think my designs are an extension of that part of me [that are] mixed with my creative abilities.”

As a small fashion outlet, Poole has diversified marketing of her brand for present and future needs for Eve & Enoch.

“We see the online marketplace as a growth area for all apparel retailers and our brand benefits from being flexible and having quick turn-around,” Poole explained.

“Eve & Enoch values the experience in brick and mortar stores, even in this tough Canadian retail environment and remaining small enough to maintain a relationship with customers and retailers has been very important to us.”

Eve & Enoch continues to push the boundaries of design, influence and originality, while working hard in creating a client base to expand its’ already great success.

“That is why Eve & Enoch makes clothing.”