Saskatchewan Designer Influencing Global Design

                Western Canada is finding its’ place within the global fashion industry with its’ highly-original and dynamic pieces of design and art.

Dean Renwick, a Saskatchewan Canada native, has been involved in fashion since his early days.

“Between four to ten years of age, I realized God had given me a talent,” Renwick said, reciting that he “enjoyed sewing” and has continued to “pursue it throughout (his) life.”

Renwick started sewing Barbie and doll clothes at a young age and by the age of 13, designed and sewed adult clothes until he made the decision to head to California in 1982 to attend the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (F.I.D.M.) in Los Angles, California.

After graduating F.I.D.M. in 1984, Renwick “stayed (in California) for 15 years working in the industry from budget to high-end couture.”

Following his time in California, Renwick moved to Regina Saskatchewan, Canada to open his first design studio, Dean Renwick Design Studio and since it’s’ incorporation, has established itself as a go-to fashion outlet in Regina and Saskatchewan.

Although Renwick’s designs are influenced by current market trends, he says that his design “is more influenced by (his) clients”.

“I do keep up with current trends and try to incorporate them in small doses into my work, (but) since I do great classic pieces, I don’t want to make them too trendy or it will date the garment.

“I design for their lifestyle and body shapes of my clients.”

Like most designers, Renwick was influenced by fashion concepts by such designers as Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Muglar and the “high-end couture house called Azar-Woods”.

Through design influence and inspiration, Renwick has successfully found his own design niche through “pure line and pure fit”.

“I keep my clothes clean & Classic with some sort of little twist of a detail,” Renwick said.

“My attention to high-end finishing and extraordinary fit are what make my clients stand out in a crowd, and keep them coming back for additional pieces.”

Renwick greatest moments come from when ordinary people recognize his designs.

“When my clients wear my clothes they often are asked “where did you get that” or “is that a Renwick,” he said.

“To hear that feedback is an amazing feeling for me personally, it makes me think that I am doing something right.

“The greatest thing to see is when I work on something so hard, and it leaves the studio with a satisfied client.”

Renwick continues to provide high-quality and innovative designs and concepts to fulfill the needs of client’s lifestyles and trends as his work is becoming an exceedingly sought out fashion piece within the industry.

“I believe people recognize my sense of style as well as my workmanship because I’ve become a local celebrity designer and it has become a status symbol to wear a “Renwick.”

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