Empowerment, and beauty: This is the vision of the world-class, Saskatchewan based jewelry company, Hillberg & Berk.

Founded in 2007 by Rachel Mielke, the great success of the company expands globally by the unique usage of “guerilla marketing techniques and strong insight in differentiating Hillberg & Berk from the competitors.”

Hillberg & Berk “prides itself on being an attainable luxury jewelry line” with its’ unique and original build quality of each piece handcrafted of the finest “semi-precious stones and metal, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals” found and utilized from around the world. Every jewelry line appeals to women of all ages with its’ creative and “timeless design aesthetic”.

“Hillberg & Berk is a leader in its field in the Canadian market, creating attainable luxury jewelry the makes women feel special and beautiful,” said Hillberg & Berk CEO, Rachel Mielke.

“But most importantly, [for women to be] empowered.

“These qualities definitely set Hillberg & Berk apart from its competitors because [our] clients are receiving a beautiful, high-quality, Canadian product.”

The company’s philosophy is simply the empowerment of women around the world by its’ dedicated use of charitable power. Over the last three years, Hillberg & Berk has graciously donated over $500,000 in cash and product “to both national and international charities,” standing by the company’s manifesto.

“Through education, inspiration and opportunity, we are empowering women one sparkle at a time,” Mielke said.

Mielke bestowed the great honour of designing a “one-of-a-kind brooch for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II” when she was commissioned by the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan in 2013.

“The sensational brooch has been spotted on the Queen several times since it was presented to her,” said Mielke.

“The Queen is only one of the growing number of celebrities who love Hillberg & Berk’s work, including: Carrie Underwood, Sarah McLachlan, Michelle Obama, Barbara Walters and Celine Dion.”

Empowering different types of women around the world, the creative design team of Hillberg & Berk is excited to work in collaboration with Canadian Olympic star and celebrity, Tessa Virtue.

“With a name already synonymous with the word ‘sparkle,’ it only makes sense for the six-time Canadian Ice Dancing champion and Olympic gold medalist, Tessa Virtue, to team up with Hillberg & Berk in designing a sparkling collection of her own,” said Mielke.

“Inspired by Tessa’s own personality, the collaboration will feature the classic Hillberg & Berk that you already know and loved, mixed with the delicacy and elegance of Tessa’s taste [with] a dash of bohemian whimsy for good measure.

“Great ready to Embrace Your Brilliance in Tessa Virtue by Hillberg & Berk, launching September 2015.”

Hillberg & Berk’s community involvement and global philanthropic vision sets the Saskatchewan jewelry designer apart from all others in the Canadian market and industry, providing one-of-a-kind pieces to its’ customers.

“Beautiful, sophisticated and timeless… every piece of jewelry Hillberg & Berk creates encompasses these elements [and] should be a reflection of your individual style and personal refinement.”

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