Photographer Mitch Wiebe got his start back in 2008 and in 2011, he took on another creative art form in hand; reporting and writing.

Since its’ introduction, Mitch’s visually appealing works have exposed his great talent. Shooting everything from local and international modeling/talent agencies roster, to graduation days and weddings, nature and landscapes, to personal portfolio creatives, Mitch’s artistic abilities continue to thrive from his dynamic and original thoughts of art. Over the last eight years, his self-taught techniques have brought him much success in local, national and international markets, as he continues to bring creativity to his works with his unique eye for beauty.

In addition to Mitch’s creative eye, his talent extends to his writing ability. A new honours graduate at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in studies of Journalism, he has already being published in Regina’s Arriva magazine, Go Juss online publication,  FashionSign E-zine, Standout Publications and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s annual publication, A Day in the Life.  Other published work can be seen in campus newspapers, yearbooks, modeling agency sites and portfolios.  Mitch completed his studies in April 2013 with a diploma in Journalism majoring in photojournalism from SAIT.  Mitch will continue to pursue his artistic dreams, while continuing his learning experiences within the artistic communities.

Mitchell’s perception and innovative taste in portraits helps rekindle the beauty much of us tend to forget. Whether his shots are black/white or colour, they paint enticing stories and inspiring images that will never be forgotten. He continues to increase his knowledge and unique perception with the use of additional lenses, filters, and experimental light and shadow techniques. Mitchell’s unique perspective and invigorating skill continues and will create substantial conversation in the future and much the same can be said about his stories and writing techniques.

Mitchell continues to expand his portfolio with news media, landscape, nature, fashion, corporate, portrait, newborn, wedding and editorial photography, while, as well, scouting for multiple agencies across western Canada.

“My main focus now is capturing the beauty in this world that many seem to miss in their daily commutes. We, a many of a time, pass up the opportunity to take that additional minute out of our busy schedules, take a deep breath and analyze the exceptional beauty that is around us. If I can capture that one photo and bring upon the understanding and pure beauty to one person, I have accomplished my reasoning.”