Fear, darkness, failure and sickness… negative aspects of many every day lives in this unfair world. But what if, just one idea could pull at our positive energy strings to bring joy, love, freedom, fearlessness and healing to the most tortured souls?

Welcome to an inspirational not-for-profit organization founded by Leona deVinne, executive Director of Joy Socks. The highly sought after company that was created out of an ill time in deVinne’s life after she was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors.

“[The tumors] reminded me even more about the preciousness of life. So often we miss out on joy waiting for the spectacular and the truth is that joy is found in everyday moments.

“I’ve always had a thing for fun socks so I started sending them out to people who could use a smile and they would send back pic[ture]s of their feet and say, I love my ‘Joy socks’,” deVinne explained. “Joy Socks remind me and others to be grounded in the present and to notice even the slivers of joy that are available for us each and everyday, even on the hard days. “

Joy Socks pride its’ success on organizations across the country that donate their own time and money collecting “new colourful socks” on the companies behalf. These optimistic socks are than meticulously gift wrapped into exciting packages that are sent away to people who could use a smile in “hospitals, shelters, and charities across Alberta.”

In 2015, Leona’s son Josh underwent a serious surgery removing a dangerously located brain tumor. To her surprise, friends and family who visited the hospital to see Josh’s spectacular recovery and healing were showing up in fun, colourful and joyful socks. Nurses and doctors began to notice and commented on the relaxing and positive energy that the socks brought to everyone who surrounded her son.

“Josh could barely even walk a couple days after his surgery and asked if I would put on his Joy Socks,” deVinne shared. “It began to feel like they were laced with some extra strength and courage [and] I wore Joy Socks to the hospital everyday.

“That sparked something.”

With a small, but gracefully accepted inheritance of three hundred dollars, deVinne began to pursue her dream of bringing joy to those who need it most in their darkest days and moments. Within a month, the Jock Sock movement was full steam ahead.

The heart-warming gesture of success for Joy Socks continues to bring smiles and comfort to those in need but for any non-profit organization to continue its’ work, we as a community and society must work together to sustain the speed of it by providing our time and hard earned dollars to benefit those who need it most.

“We can only give away as many Joy Socks as we get donations for and are looking for larger corporate partners to be able to meet the demand for socks,” deVinne explained. “We are working on creating those connections.”

Everybody needs a little joy in their life, but some need a bit more. Joy Socks encompasses that belief. Joy Socks help others when they may feel helpless in the moment. Joy Socks give a person the opportunity to smile when smiling has been so difficult in the seconds before. Joy Socks give a voice to one who felt they had become voiceless. Joy Socks make mission impossible into mission possible.

 “When’s the last time you spent a period in the hospital and got a fun gift? What difference would have that might made?” deVinne asked. “Now people have the chance to smile and for maybe just a second, forget their worries.

 “We’re only just beginning. The world is starved for joy and any glimpse of [that] can be elixir for the soul and what we need to help us keep moving.”