Metal and stones, at most times, are overlooked by our self’s as maar building blocks to the foundations of our urban expansion. No more then beautiful architectural detail in high-rise complexes, we announce it, in the moment, as something special and beautiful. But, when there comes that special eye that sees these products as more then urban building materials, the sculpting of every tiny sliver of metal or grain of stone transforms into a beautifully unique and original design of jewelry. This a feeling, only Karyn Chopik, lead designer and owner of Karyn Chopik Studios of Surrey, British Columbia, can describe as her vision comes together on each piece she carefully crafts.

Chopik’s jewelry designs are effortlessly built in house with handcraft precision, a stem of originality to each individual piece she produces for clients. Working “primarily in sterling silver, bronze and copper,” the luxury jewelry design studio uses “ancient metal smith and lost wax casting process.”

“We produce high-quality, luxury, leading edge designs,” said Chopik. “[These pieces include] the use of semi-precious stones.”

“My work is a balance of yin & yang, the strong metal work being the ‘yang’ and the crystals, stones and beading, being the ‘yin’.”

“Design, luxury, quality, exclusivity and customer service” has always been part of the practice since the inception of Chopik’s design beginnings, but as the little guy, meant, “rocking the boat and [that] was often met with criticism.”

“I believe in order to standout, [I must] stand alone,” Chopik explained. “I have always done my own thing.”

Creating beautiful, original work and lines come from the dedication of Chopik’s “finely woven team [that] respect each others contributions [as] a whole.”

“I have the original vision,” Chopik said. “I describe the vision and storyboard the next collection.”

“Everyone is included in the process from: researching beads, manufacturing process, and photographing & marketing the collection through social-media.”

With over 80 distribution chains across Canada and the United States, Chopik’s hard work and dedication proves artistic and entrepreneurial blood flows through her veins, representing the success of her intrinsic brand.

“To be successful in this industry, you have to weather the storm, always keeping your eye on the horizon. Hard work and vision does eventually pay off, but you have to stand out and to standout, it means following your gut and walking outside the lines.”