There are two types of people in the world; dreamers and doers. Dreamers continue to dream while doers utilize all their mental power to do. A wise man once said, I realized that if [I] have a dream, it’s a sin not to chase it.”

Actor Kevin Davey, best known for his role on Hell on Wheels, hasn’t acted all his life, but after a devastating life changing event that left is children motherless and him without the love of his life, he realized that his lifelong dream of acting had to be chased.

“In 2008, my wife of 21 years and partner of 26 was killed by a drunk-driver in a hit and run,” Davey said. “This happened while she was out for a walk with our children and whilst, pushing our already disabled son in his wheel chair.

“This tragedy not only thrust me into single-parenthood, leaving me to raise my eight-year-old daughter and my 15 year old disabled, wheelchair bound son alone, but also opened my eyes and mind as to how short life can be.”

After time of loss and grief, Davey took a dose of his own medicine and proactively put his acting dreams out in the industry and attained an agent.

“Although I haven’t been in the industry that long, I’ve been very fortunate in the roles I’ve won,” Davey explained.

“They’ve kind of come natural to me and I’ve just delivered my lines in the way I believe the director would want them delivered.”

Revaluating family and his professional life after tragedy has given a new enlightenment to Davey’s position as a father and within his acting career. With the perseverance of reeducating himself within his role and routines, his lifelong dreams of becoming a successful actor began to blossom through hard work and the introduction to the industry.

“ My advice would be never give up, stay humble and always treat others as you want to be treated,” Davey said. “Whether they’re the director, caterer, background talent or whomever, be nice.”

“And if [one] auditions for a role but doesn’t get it, get into the mindset where you believe the only reason you didn’t get the role is because you weren’t meant to get it.”

Through the ups and downs of life, a devastating accident that changed everything and a dream that was pursued out of it, Davey is now living life with one simple message that all must stand by.

“If I don’t quit, I cannot fail.”