.Ko:n.fe.rō art, an artistic gallery boutique “that caters exclusively to designer’s and private clients in the sales and promotion of original art work,” bring artisans of every kind into a unique and inspiring gallery to showcase their pieces. Inclusive to all, the Calgary based show-house is a ‘one-stop-shop’ that is “stimulating, clean and beautiful” for artisans and art lovers.

Michelle Haug, founder and Director of the gallery, was inspired by the artistic talent that surrounds the world and believed opening a spot to deliver original pieces to the community and private buyers was a necessity.

“As the Director of the company and an artist, I wanted a space where we could house as many local artist’s, artist’s from Canada and abroad in our space,” Haug said. “There is so much talent around us.”

Konfero is a Latin word that means to ‘gather, unite and join together’ and that is the goal of my company [and] to bring as many talented artist’s & brilliant designer’s together for the sales and promotion of stunning original art work.”

As most Gallery’s are exclusive to the artist’s and pieces they will hang and showcase, Haug explained that .ko:n.fe.rō art wants “to give as many artist’s [the chance] to show their work” in the space.

“Most Gallery’s are very specific to the art they commission [and] this limits the amount of artist’s that have the opportunity to show their work,” she said.

“At present, we have about 15 artist’s that we represent and the number is growing, [where] ten of those are local artist’s.”

An original concept of .Ko:n.fe.rō art is that the curious public and potential buyers of the pieces are not introduced to the artist by labeling., yet only an artist number can be viewed.

“Seeing the art of the art’s sake is a concept that seems to be forgotten,” Haug said. “We are so consumed by brands and labels and to me, as an artist, art should not be seen through those specifics.”

“Art is very emotional and should be based on that connection to the work [and] not on the name and price.”

The creative industry continues to pull along in concept, technology and application, creating a very saturated and competitive environment. Haug challenges that idea in the industry and says, “There doesn’t have to be.”

“Art is art is art; there is enough to go around.”

.Ko:n.fe.rō art goals on the promotion and selling of pieces of the artists’ to hang in “as many homes, businesses [and] restaurants as possible.”

“There is nothing more exciting than promoting talent that is part of our community and having other artist’s from other parts of Canada and the United States only compliments us more.”