Good talent is everywhere, but great talent comes from those who push their boundaries of their own creative outlets. Teams who work together in collaboration to exceed their own expectations on a project prove to standout in the highly competitive artistic industry.

Kevin Nakonechny of NAKA Photography, is a fulltime specialized fashion and lifestyle portrait photographer based out of Calgary, Alberta. With his unique eye and original view of the art as a whole, Nakonechny is relatively new to the fashion scene.

“I find it tough to ‘break-through’ to the next level in the genre,” Nakonechny said. “I’m working on building more connections and advancing my work.”

“There is a growing scene emerging in Calgary and I’m confident that if I stick to [fashion photography], I’ll be able to grow alongside that movement.”

Nakonechny is currently working along side his wife on a unique series called Alberta: Beauty Within, a magical and dreamy portrait project set against iconic Alberta landscapes and the tranquility of ballerinas to act as the visual symbols of art.

Nakonechny explained, “the whole thing started as a discussion on how we could showcase Alberta in a positive light and change perceptions’ and the project was born.

“It made us really revisit our own thoughts about Alberta and truthfully, it wasn’t until this project that I discovered all the great things going on right under my nose.”

Understanding that the photographic and creative industry is competitive, Nakonechny uses that “as a constant source of motivation” to innovate and improve on his work. By staying current and on trend with his fashion-style photography, NAKA Photography philosophy is based on the beliefs that knowledge sharing and collaboration will help each creative artisan succeed.

“Whether it’s revealing a great shoot location or sharing the ‘secret’ editing technique, I think having this open mentality will help grow a larger network,” Nakonechny explained.

“Down the road, this can lead to interesting new paths and opportunities that one wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.”

As NAKA Photography pushes the boundaries of creative art, Nakonechny continues to strive for the better, building his name and brand within the fashion photography community in Calgary and abroad.

“I think NAKA Photography stands out by staying true to my own vision,” Nakonechny said.

“As one grows and evolves, the style will be refined and before we know it, our work will become a source of inspiration for others.”